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Click below to view some of the TV commercials from this campaign.

Valpak :30 "Bites" TV Spot


Valpak :30 "Haircut" TV Spot


Valpak :30 "Oil" TV Spot


Valpak :30 "Paint" TV Spot


Valpak :30 "Paper Airplane" TV Spot


Valpak :30 "Weight" TV Spot


Third Person and Valpak succeed by
thinking outside the envelope.

The Blue EnvelopeHow do you get more businesses to market themselves using direct mail?
You advertise the direct mail on TV, the internet, radio and in print ads.

Valpak's new b2b and b2c advertising campaign for 2008 has already been widly successful. Phone calls to the 1-800-4VALPAK number advertised on the television ads increased 1,745% after the television ads started running.

Overall, the campaign has lead to a 75% increase in the people contacting Valpak about advertising in the famous blue envelope.



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Valpak Print Ad - NibblesValpak Print Ad - CustomersValpak Print Ad - Take OffValpak B2B Website


To learn more about how we can Third Person and Valpak worked together to create this fun and successful advertising campaign, click here to contact us, today.

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