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Carlson Tool & Manufacturing
Exceeding our customers’ expectations for over 45 years.



Carlson Tool & Manufacturing LogoThe sales professionals at Carlson Tool & Manufacturing were in a bind. They needed collateral featured only the offers pertinent for a particular target client. But, with all of their various offers, they feared that they'd need as many as ten different sales brochures to meet their needs. But, with a limited budget, they knew that this just wasn't possible, but they needed something.

" . . . this new brochure helped the Carlson Tool sales person make a more compelling pitch while also staying within their tight budget . . ."

Enter Third Person, the strategic marketing communications firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

"When the team at Carlson Tool invited us to talk about their situation, they saw only one end result — different versions of sales brochures," remembers Brett Haglands, Account Executive for Third Person, Inc.  "We switched the conversation to talk about their overall goals.  This allowed us to create a unique solution that required only one unique, customizable brochure." 

The result was a unique brochure that included a die-cut and stickers that matched the die-cut design. These stickers allowed sales people to easily customize the brochure, since the sales person could easily afix any stickers that pertained to the client while leaving off any that didn't.  At the same time, the brochure helped the sales person make a more compelling pitch by promoting only those services that the potential client was interested in.  And it did this all while staying within their tight budget. 


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Milwaukee Ad Agency designs Manufacturing Sell SheetsMilwaukee Ad Agency designs unique Manufacturing Sales Brochure




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